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  • The Importance of Proper Posture

    The importance of posture
    If you take a look around you, you will most likely see most Americans slumped over at their desks or hunched over their smartphones for endless hours. This can actually attribute to many of the health problems inflating in North America. Did you know that the way you hold yourself can actually affect digestion, breathing, and memory/learning. The importance of posture goes a long way. Digestion:
    The proper body alignment is extremely important to make sure your organs can function as intended. Poor posture can compress the abdominal muscles involved in digestion which then affects peristaltic function (alternate muscle contraction and ....

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  • Why shoes, orthotics and assessments should all be individualized

    Foot pain? Back pain? Hip pain? Fixing the way your feet function can help alleviate some of these chronic issues. This is why your shoes, orthotics (if necessary) and your physical assessments should all be individualized. Although almost everyone can benefit from specific shoe recommendations, custom orthotics, and/or assessments. It can be a hassle to find shoes that orthotics fit inside. Do your shoes accommodate your orthotics? I recommend finding a stable, well built, neutral shoe. I know that the type of shoes you wear daily can vary depending on your activities and career. Just because you have orthotics doesn't mean your shoes have to be boring. Finding shoes to ....

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  • Don't Stress About It!

    You’ve been coming to all your training sessions and your nutrition is better than ever, but you haven’t seen much progress. So, what’s the deal? A smart diet and exercise are supposed to be the key to this whole healthy living thing, right? While exercise and nutritious food are key components to progressing in your fitness, there are so many other aspects of your life that encompass how your body feels and what it can do. Hydration, hormone levels, sleep, and STRESS, which may be the biggest downfall for many of us, have an enormous role in our metabolic processes and body composition. Cortisol, a hormone released during stress responses, can be helpful in the ....

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  • 2018 Program Updates and Upgrades

    AXIS Fit Fam! 2018 is almost here and the AXIS staff and I wanted to take this opportunity to update everyone on program and facility upgrades that are already underway. Since opening our doors in 2010, we have experienced tremendous growth and joy working with clients like you. Thank you for trusting us with your health and fitness needs. It has been our honor to serve you and we look forward to providing many more years of great service. ADDITIONS TO OUR TEAM
    In 2017, we introduced two full-time exercise physiologists. I am excited to place coaches who have proven themselves to be the glue that holds our community together. I have no doubt that they will ....

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  • It's Time To Get Creative!

    It’s time to get creative! If your injured, you may have to start thinking out of the box in order to continue working out. Even though working out with an injury can be scary, it can still be done! For instance, if you have shoulder pain during a push up that does not mean you will also have pain with pulling movements. You just have to find what works for you. Below I will give you some tips to help you continue working out despite injuries! Shoulders: Always start slowing and gradually increase load/intensity. Make sure to cease any movement that increases pain. You may be able to push and not pull or vise versa. However, try to limit loaded overhead ....

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  • Don't use your insurance to pay for physical therapy

    You heard right...don’t use your insurance to pay for physical therapy. As a physical therapist, I hear all the time that people don’t go to see their physical therapist because it just isn’t worth it. “It costs too much, and I can do the exercises at home.” This is a common complaint. These days, going to see a physical therapist is no longer valuable in the eyes of the patient. The question is...why? Physical therapists are more educated now than ever before. They have greater access to research and the latest and greatest treatment methods that have the potential to heal all kinds of ailments. But the service physical therapists provide ....

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  • What is FitRanX?

    Do you ever struggle with keeping up with your nutrition and exercise or get complacent in your progress? Often, it can be from a failure to update your goals as you begin to conquer them. Making and updating goals can be harder than it seems. That is where an amazing ranking system called FitRanX can help! FitRanX is a comprehensive and standardized ranking system for determining an individual’s fitness level. Each level is composed of a strength portion and a conditioning portion. As you level up, this system provides clear goals for what you should aim to conquer next. Leveling up is quite an honor, as you cannot test whenever you please. It is by invitation that an ....

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    Foam Rolling Foam rolling or Self-myofacial release is a soft tissue therapy that focuses on the fascia. (Fascia- a thin piece of fibrous tissue that encloses a muscle or other organ). When you massage it, you are not only improving range of motion, but you begin to increase circulations and boost muscle tissue integrity. In the Journal of Sports Rehabilitation, a recent study found that foam rolling, paired with stretching, could increase range of motion in the hip more than stretching alone. Where should I roll? Any muscle that is short or tight such as the calves, quadriceps, hip flexors, adductors, latissimus dorsi, and the pectorals. Keep in mind that these vary ....

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  • Planning NOW for holiday help!

    I'm starting to hear that word we hear around this time of The holidays can mean so many different things to each person, but they usually include celebrations of some kind and more access to treats and food. While that in it's simplest form is harmless, party after party, an abundance of sweets around, and a busier than usual schedule can easily sidetrack any diet and exercise program...IF YOU LET IT!! How can you holiday-proof yourself and your fitness? Here are a few tips: 1. Start getting on a regular exercise regimen NOW rather than after or during the holiday season. This will allow you to form the healthy habit of working out on the regular and keep you on a ....

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  • Personal Training in Gainesville - Axis Training Studio - Daunted by your weight loss? How to turn that frown upside down!

    Daunted by your weight loss? How to turn that frown upside down!

    H ow to overcome challenges when starting an exercise program Starting a new exercise program? We here at AXIS Training Studio know that starting and sticking to a new exercise program can be tricky. Many people just like you in Gainesville and the surrounding communities struggle with knowing they need to exercise but finding the time and motivation to do it can be troubling. Here are some common challenge statements we hear and tips to help you overcome them! “I don’t have enough time to exercise”

    Get up from your desk every hour and take a short walk- This can be hard because we often get carried away with work and “just want to get it ....

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