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Do you REALLY need vitamins?

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Do you REALLY need vitamins?

Do you REALLY need vitamins?

When I was a kid, Flintstones vitamins were all the rage. It was an easy way to get kids to take their vitamins without a fuss!

But with so many vitamins on the market, it can be easy to either get caught up in taking too much, the wrong kind, or wasting your hard earned money on snake oil! So, read on for our two cents on supplements!


1. Take a look at your diet:

 - Are you truly eating a balanced diet?

 - Are you making sure to get all of your vegetables, proteins and good fats?

 - Are you varying your foods and adding in vitamin rich sources?

 - Do you know where your food comes from and how it is treated from the time it is grown to the time you eat it?


Most likely these answers are no. We are BUSY these days, and our diets may include processed "quick" foods, foods nuked and put on a plate in 15 minutes or less.


They may be over cooked, they may be grown in nutrient deficient soils and treated with pesticides even before it gets to your plate. If you are a typical person buying your food at the grocery store, most likely your food doesn't have all the necessary vitamins for you.


2. Take a look at the foods you get, even from the farmer's market. Historically, our foods from 50 years ago were more nutrient rich than those SAME fruits and vegetables we consume today. Over farming and the need to grow quick from farm to plate has made our food less, well, food!


3. Examine how you feel and maybe even have your primary care provider check your vitamin levels. Because we are so busy and many times may not eat the best, we may be deficient in some minerals that, over time, will leave us feeling tired, sluggish, and more prone toward becoming sick.


This may sound pretty bleak, and you may feel a little helpless even if you are doing all that you can to eat a varied and balanced diet! Thankfully, there is a supplement industry and there are reputable sources of supplementing a balanced diet! Independent testing labs have taken up the case in vetting the various supplements out there to make sure you are ACTUALLY receiving and utilizing the vitamins and minerals in your supplements you paid for.


The best way to know how well your supplements are working is to examine your supplements, research them and see what labs have verified them, take notes on how you feel before, during and after a period of time of taking them consistently. Find vitamins created from whole food sources, know where their sources are, and what they use to create the vitamins. Make sure your supplements know what pesticides are used on their sources. 


We here at AXIS can safely recommend supplements, not for the fancy names or for the prestige, but because we take them as well and want to know that they are from actual food sources, that these brands knows WHAT farms they came from and how they grow them, that they utilize an independent lab to verify their ingredients, and that we feel comfortable giving them to our families and recommending them to our clients. We did all the research so you don't have to!


We feel so strongly about taking supplements in addition to a balanced diet, that, just like our training, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. You will feel better, have more energy, and have even packaged them with some protein sources and a detox system to get you back on track to feeling like you are better than ever!


As your trainer about supplements in addition to your training regimen, and get on the path to feeling like you are better than ever!

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