Building a winning accountability team!

Building a winning accountability team!

Building your winning team!

Who is on your side, cheering you on toward losing weight, toning up, or building muscle? Are your friends and family helping or hurting your goals? Do you feel you have a winning team on your side?


Tackling the endeavor of creating fitness goals is a daunting thing! Actually making your way to the studio and signing up for personal training or our small group training is a BIG thing! And if you have done that, you have overcome a HUGE obstacle! Congrats! 


But you aren't done yet! Now, you have to set goals, sign up for sessions, and continue your pursuits with coming on a regular basis followed by proper nutrition. Whew! That's quite a bit! And life is...complicated. There is traffic, deadlines, long hours, kids or family obligations, and special events/holidays that can all get in the way of your original fitness goals.


There IS a tool we have to help you navigate the slippery slope of days where your goal of getting to the gym seems impossible. Get ready, because this will absolutely change how you approach your fitness.


Here it is...Find an accountability partner! That's it! You know how you seem to attend those events where you have someone waiting on you to attend with them? Or someone is working on the same project as you and you frequently contact them to talk, commiserate, and generally achieve the project together?


Events are just easier and better when you have someone in your corner cheering you on and keeping you on the straight and narrow path! 


Do you have someone that is cheering you on? Do you have someone that is ALSO wanting the same fitness goals? Do you know someone who is overwhelmingly positive and cheerful no batter what you are working toward? That person or people are your accountability partners! And guess what, we at AXIS are ALSO your accountability partners!


The hard part is reaching out to them or us to ask for some help, reassurance, and maybe some goal setting. Think about what helps to motivate you to achieve something. Is it a simple daily text? Is it a phone call when you miss a session? Maybe you need to reach out when you are having a hard time during the day and thinking of cancelling your workouts. Maybe you need a weekly check in and pep talk!


Your accountability partner(s) are in your corner to use for YOUR success! So reach out, contact them, ask for some help, and get ready to CRUSH your fitness goals with their support!


Want to recruit a friend to join your winning team to work out with you at AXIS? Ask your trainer or AXIS staff member for a Team Ticket! Give the ticket to a friend and have them set up a fitness assessment with a trainer and schedule their workout with you! Friends help friends work out harder and also make it fun!

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