This new addiction is REAL!

Have you ever been so addicted to something that you could not stop?

I'm not talking like a kid in a candy store type of addiction, I'm talking about something so intense that you can't keep your hands off it.


I will be honest and confess that I've been addicted to something over the past 4 months and it's CRAZY!

I am no different than you.  I have temptations, desires and my emotions circulate like a roller coaster at times.


But this one addiction has changed the way I work and has even taken root in my workouts.

It's hard to believe my life without it.  Crazy, I know.


But... this addiction is actually good and healthy.  Hear me out.

You know how your muscles can get sore after working out and limit your movement.


Well... I don't have that anymore thanks to my new addiction of the Theragun percussive massage tool.  It's just like a massage therapist but more convenient.

This badboy (Theragun) magically releases muscle tension and soreness, eradicates stiff and achy joints and relaxes the body so you can sleep like a baby. 

I've had people say they threw their ibuprofen and prescription drugs out because the Theragun worked better.


I fell in love with it so much that I have one in my bedroom and one in my office at work.  Yes, It works that good!

My workouts can go longer and harder now that i have a professional recovery tool at my disposal.  I never have to worry about soreness and achy joints anymore.


If you want to experience this type of "addiction" I encourage you to stop by AXIS and demo out the Theragun.  I promise it will knock your socks off like it did mine.


P.S.  I did purchase 5 units and I have 3 units left that I'm willing to give away what it cost me.  I'm not looking to make a buck, just want other people to get addicted like me and join the club.  Just send me an email at and let me know.  First come first served. 


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