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Why it's so EASY to ditch those goals...(and what to do!)

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Why it's so EASY to ditch those goals...(and what to do!)

Ever wonder why some goals seem to stick… while others disappear faster than free pizza at a college dorm? 😂


Well, if you’re like most people…


You tend to spend a LOT of time thinking about what you want to achieve…


But a lot LESS time thinking about why these goals really matter.


That’s why this month, we’re going to dive into something that I normally only talk about with clients. 


It’s your core values


Because when your goals and values are in sync, magical things happen! 


But when they're not? That’s when things can start to unravel.


To make sure you’re on the right track…


I've got a fun little exercise for you, straight from the minds at Harvard Business School.


So grab a pen and some paper, and let's dive in!


Step 1: Discover your values

Your values are the things that are most important to you. (Not anyone else!) They’re your North Star. 

For each value, write a few sentences about WHY it is so important to you. 

Think: health, family, happiness, security, freedom, money, fun, etc. 


Step 2: Rank your TOP 2-3 values

Time to narrow it down. From your list, pick the 2-3 values that are the MOST important to you. The ones that make you feel like, "Yes, this is what I stand for!" 


Step 3: Define what your values mean to you

👉 Your values guide your decisions. 

So using your own words, write down what your top 2-3 values mean to you (which might be different than what they mean to someone else).


Here are a couple of examples:

“Health” — This means taking care of my body with daily movement and fueling it with the proper fuel so I can feel my best and have the energy to make the most of each day. It's making sure I'm taking care of my mind and spirit, too, not just my body. So, health for me, is all about finding that balance that keeps me feeling whole and happy.”

“Fun” — Life is too short not to have fun! It’s about stepping out of my comfort zone, trying new things, and having a sense of adventure. Having fun makes me feel engaged, connected, and more alive!”


Step 4: Put them to work

Now it’s time to ACT in alignment with your values — and use them to recalibrate your day and drive your actions and decisions.


Read them every morning. Post them somewhere you can see them… and when you’re faced with a choice, make the one that aligns with your values! 


This is KEY because when life gets in the way…


It’s too easy to set aside the things that mean most to us — unless we’re intentional about it. 🔥 


Are you going to give this exercise a try? If you are, reply back and let me know! 


Oh, and this is ALSO a great exercise to work on together as a family!


Here are our AXIS Core Values:

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