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What is FitRanX?


Do you ever struggle with keeping up with your nutrition and exercise or get complacent in your progress? Often, it can be from a failure to update your goals as you begin to conquer them. Making and updating goals can be harder than it seems. That is where an amazing ranking system called FitRanX can help!


FitRanX is a comprehensive and standardized ranking system for determining an individual’s fitness level. Each level is composed of a strength portion and a conditioning portion. As you level up, this system provides clear goals for what you should aim to conquer next. Leveling up is quite an honor, as you cannot test whenever you please. It is by invitation that an individual is allowed to test for the next level, having been approved by their trainer to be able to complete the tasks required. Once you are invited to test, you will attend an exciting test out day with others in your gym and cheer one another on as you show off your abilities.


Accountability is another great benefit to this program. FitRanX is recognized nationally and held at many gyms around the country. You not only compete against yourself, but can also follow others throughout the nation. FitRanX is a fun and exciting way to track your improvement and set new goals. Talk to your trainer about how you can be involved in the FitRanX family!


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