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Let them eat less cake!

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When writing this blog today and having cake on the brain, I wanted to clear something up first... 

Many think Marie Antoinette gave the famous quote, "Let them eat cake" in reference to her people's inability to afford and eat bread. 

In actuality, according to her letters written to her family at that time, she said, "
It is quite certain that in seeing the people who treat us so well despite their own misfortune, we are more obliged than ever to work hard for their happiness." 

So, not quite the mentality of someone callously suggesting her subjects give up bread for cake. Now, on to the subject of bread and cake!


This week I've been hearing around the gym, "I'm having trouble fitting in my workouts, I'm so busy!", and , "I'm having a hard time keeping my nutrition on point... and eating a LOT of bread!"

I feel you! It is EVERYWHERE! I have been SUPER busy with holiday parties, juggling events and kids, trying to not lose myself in the process while also trying to eat healthy among parties of enticing cakes and cookies.


Take a deep breath, and remind yourself as I do...Progress, not Perfection

I heard this quote from a movie with Denzel Washington called The Equalizer, and it really hit home for me. By being conscious about missing my workout or eating a rogue cookie, I'm STILL making progress and NOT expecting something I will NEVER be - Perfect.


So, how CAN you make up a missed workout?

  1. Try again tomorrow!
  2. take the stairs
  3. park a little farther from your destination, get those steps in!
  4. do some jumping jacks at your desk, then plank for a minute!
  5. ask your trainer for some exercises you can do at home and lastly...
  6. schedule your next workout!

These are all excellent tips to keep you on track!

How CAN you make up for an unhealthy meal?

  1. If you have some bread with your meal, cut the amount of it in half.
  2. swap sweet potatoes in place of potatoes
  3. if eating something with bread, like a cheeseburger, ditch the bun and use two lettuce leaves instead for buns.
  4. double up on proteins on your plate and less on the carbs
  5. GREENS!! Add more greens for filler! Greens are great to help you feel full!
  6. Have a glass of water with your meal to help you feel full with less food.
  7. and my favorite: USE A SMALLER PLATE! This will trick you into taking less food!

I hope these tips have helped! Just know, this time of year is busy and stressful, but don't forget to enjoy the moment and take in the beauty around you!

From all of us at AXIS, we wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to helping make YOUR 2019 absolutely AMAZING!!

In Health,

Kat Stepp

Director of Operations

AXIS Training Studio

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