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The BEST thing for a cold...

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The BEST thing for a cold...

I have to say, the cold and flu season has hit quite a few of us around here! From the kids at school to having clients needing to reschedule due to feeling under the weather, the ick is most certainly making its rounds.

All too often I hear from clients that they don't have the TIME to get sick, and calling into work and appointments throws a huge stick in the works.

I get it and have to agree, life doesn't take a backseat and pause when you get sick, and the last thing anyone wants to do is get out of routine. But what do you do when you HAVE to push pause on life and, stay with me here...actually slow down?

I get asked what supplement will help, or what magic biohack can speed up recovery from a cold? Well, I have one thing that works, but for those of us that are "busy" people, you may not like it...sleep.

Sleep! So simple, and yet so POWERFUL! Think on this: what happens when you have lack of sleep? You feel awful, you are sluggish, over time it weakens the immune system, and can delay cognition.

How often do YOU get 7+ hours of sleep a night? How do you feel when you DO get 7+ hours of sleep a night? Sleeping gives your immune system unfettered access to fight viruses and not have to divest energy into doing your bidding at the same time.

So next time you are feeling ill, are home feeling like you need to crank on the computer and work, schedule in some sleep and know you are giving your body the support it needs! 

PS - If you want to go one more step, look back at the order of events BEFORE you got sick and look for some underlying causes to fix. Things such as long hours and lack of sleep, bad nutrition, over exercising or under exercising, not drinking enough water, not taking vitamins, etc. Sometimes, preventative care can go a long way and shorten a cold!

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