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When your nutrition takes a vacation...

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When your nutrition takes a vacation...

I'd say it never fails, I tell myself this week, "I will eat cleanly!", only to walk into work and find someone has given me a plate full of cookies.
Or I make a promise to eat better only to look at my lunch options and realize if forgot to pack something healthy.

There are weeks I am successful at this whole eating healthy thing, and then...not so much...
How CAN you come back from eating poorly, and how can you better stay on track longer?

This past week was my birthday, and like anyone celebrating, there was cake and other foods NOT on my meal plan! Now, I was hard on myself mentally after the fact as I work so hard to eat well and exercise on the regular. But, I ALSO realize that even if it hadn't been my birthday, I am not perfect and life can get busy.

So, here are some ways you can stay on course while still deviating every once in a while!

1. Meal Prep. There is a reason we held a workshop this past week on this very subject! Meal prepping takes the guesswork out of lunch and dinner. You have DONE your due dilligence and time was scheduled to free you up from wasting precious time and money on figuring out lunch and dinners when you are hungry and tired, the double threat of healthy eating!

2. Planning ahead on fast food options around you that are healthy. We ALL know what drive thru's and restaurants are around, so take some time, read their menus and see what are some healthy options you can choose. It may be that you need to tinker with a plate a bit, like add in some grilled chicken to the salad, take off the croutons, cheese, and dressing, and use oil and vinegar instead. Creating a list of each location's healthy dishes will allow you to stay on target.

3. Find a done-for-you meal delivery service like Eat the 80. Meal prepping takes time, and sometimes deadlines/events/fill-in-the-blank occur and make it impossible to meal prep for the week. Healthy services like Eat the 80 give you delicious meals you can pop in your freezer and dole out when needed. DONE!

4. Schedule in a cheat day. Yes, you NEED to indulge every once in a while! This is the one life

we have been given, and one cannot live a life in constant denial without some reward. Date nights, special events, or just Saturday relaxing can be a great time to enjoy the ranch dressing and dinner roll! Keep in mind, though, this time is NOT permission to go on a bender, over eat, or finish a tub of ice cream solo. If you find that your habits include falling off the wagon hard, consider speaking with a professional to work through these events. Enjoying is one thing, binging is another.

Your body is a precious commodity, you only get one, and it needs to last a lifetime! Treating it with care, enjoying everything in moderation, and making sure you exercise regularly will assist you in staying healthy longer!

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