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How to be sneaky...with your fitness!

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How to be sneaky...with your fitness!

A question I often hear is: "What should I do on the days I'm NOT at AXIS?". 
Totally a valid question, and the possibilities are endless! But to narrow things down a bit, there ARE some sneaky ways to fit in fitness without changing much to your daily routine!‚Äč Here are 5 easy ones!

1. First question to ask yourself, and be completely honest, how often do you find yourself sitting and sedentary in your daily routine?

For many people that work an office-type job, sitting can be our most frequented position while at work. And once you get home, how much do you find yourself sitting there? Again, I hear frequently that it is sitting, or one step further, reclining.

So, the best way to start making some changes to your sedentary routine is to throw the proverbial wrench in to the system and GET UP! I actually like the stand up reminder on my watch. There are apps, programs, and reminder services galore available at the app store! Even something as simple as a digital timer works as well! Every 60-90 minutes, get up, go get some water, stretch and move! Even if you simply walk a lap around the hall, you are programming movement into your day!


2. Second question to ask yourself: "what is your morning routine?". What are you doing right after you get out of bed? For many of us, we pick up our phones and get out of bed to head to the bathroom. If you have trouble waking up and getting going in the morning, this one is for you! Try getting up 5 minutes earlier tomorrow and wake up your body! Shake out your arms, shake out your legs, twist side to side. Do this a few times and it will get your heart pumping and your body awake! 

Feeling extra ambitious? Ask your trainer for a quick and easy warm up routine to try in the morning! Start your day with purpose!


3. Right before your lunch, take 5 minutes and do that same warm-up routine before you eat! The purpose is to find places where you aren't normally moving and incorporate that into your day! Right before (not after, so you keep your lunch down!) is the perfect time to shake out those limbs, move your body and get some energy flowing!!


4. When you get your mail, take a few minutes and walk a little further! Get some steps in, maybe read some of the mail, and use those quads! If you have a pet, take them on a walk! 


5. We all have chores that are quite mundane but need to be done. If you find you are sitting or reclining in the evening, bring those movement type chores such as sorting and folding laundry to the TV. Make it so you have to earn that TV time with some movement. Laundry already done? Refer to that earlier warm-up routine or shake out routine and do that again! Even better, invest in a foam roller and roll yourself while watching your show. Stretching and foam rolling can easily be done while enjoying your show!

As you can see, these aren't difficult moves or ideas to wrap your body around, but simple ideas to get you up and going. I am a firm believer in the concept of energy begets energy. Simply picking one of these ideas into your day increases your energy consumption for the day, so that's a WIN! Start slow, add one new thing each week and continue to do your gym routine! Last but not least, make it a great day and CRUSH your goals! We believe in you!


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