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  • Why you should skip your next sip...

    Why you should skip your next sip...

    I’ve got a good news/bad news situation for you today. Let’s rip off the bandaid and get the bad news out of the way first. Despite what we’ve been told for years, it turns out that moderate drinking isn’t doing your health and fitness any favors. Those 1-2 “happy hour” drinks that we’ve been told may be good for us? Nope. Not good. It all started when a team of Canadian researchers reviewed the results of 107 different studies about alcohol use. They tracked data from more than 4.8 million people — and they found that the old studies were flawed. A quick rundown of their findings: ....

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  • This is why you don't want to skip your workouts...

    This is why you don't want to skip your workouts...

    Ever wonder what happens if you miss a workout or two? I have a good news-bad news answer for you … First of all, missing a couple of scheduled workouts isn’t a huge deal… at least not physically. The problem is that it can get you into a cycle that can turn INTO a very big deal. (And I’m not talking about planned rest days here – those are an important part of the process.) I’m talking about the workouts you miss because your schedule gets crazy or you just aren’t in the mood. When you miss THOSE workouts, it gets easier and easier to skip future workouts, until you fall off the bandwagon altogether. And ....

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  • The Muscle Building Fact vs Fallacy + JUNE E-Book!

    The Muscle Building Fact vs Fallacy + JUNE E-Book!

    I probably don’t have to ask you if you’ve ever thought about “losing weight” or “burning fat” — but how often do you think about building muscle? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give your muscles much thought until you go to pick up something heavy or throw on a bathing suit. But here’s a surprising fact: Although the idea of building muscle is typically linked with how we look, your muscles are closely linked with your overall health – and also with the aging process. Here are 7 reasons to build more muscle, starting right now: 1. You start losing muscle around the age of 30. 🤯 ....

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  • Resilience Wrap up! (last chance for the e-book!)

    Resilience Wrap up! (last chance for the e-book!)

    We’ve been talking a lot about resilience and taking personal responsibility for our health and fitness this month. Today, we’re going to get REAL on the mindset, habits, and actions you can take to become more resilient. One thing I love about these habits is that they just plain FEEL good — and when you stack them together, you feel unstoppable. 8 Real-Life Habits to Become More Resilient Practice mindfulness. Examples: meditation and deep breathing. Start with just 1-2 minutes and build up to 10 once or twice a day. Create “down” time. Examples: make time for activities that help you relax, like hobbies, reading, playing ....

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  • The 6 types of stress (know, identify, and acknowledge them!)

    The 6 types of stress (know, identify, and acknowledge them!)

    How many kinds of stress are you dealing with right now? (There are SIX major types of it.) Stress is like a double-edged sword for our health. In manageable doses, it can actually be good for you and boost your resilience. It can motivate you to push forward to new heights and it can boost your focus and energy. It can even make your body release hormones to raise your performance, both mentally and physically. But too much stress has the opposite effect. It can affect your mood, your sleep, and your overall health. It’s linked with high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, and more. Having an outlet to manage stress (like exercise !) is a ....

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  • Wondering about willpower?

    Wondering about willpower?

    A lot of people ask me about willpower because they think they don’t have enough of it. Here’s what’s wild about that: it turns out, the fact that they think they don’t have enough willpower might be why they don’t have enough . Say what? Back in the 1990s, scientists came up with a theory called “ego depletion,” which basically says that willpower is a limited resource. And, if you’re tired, stressed, or have made a ton of decisions during the day, you’re more likely to run out of it. Which sets you up for skipping your planned workouts, ordering takeout instead of eating a healthy home-cooked meal, etc. ....

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  • Master the art of bouncing back!

    Master the art of bouncing back!

    There’s a trait that separates people who reach their goals from those who struggle. It’s not talent, luck, or genetics (although those things don’t hurt). This trait does more than just help you reach your health/fitness goals. It also helps you do better in school, excel in sports and your career, and it also plays a role in being a better parent and/or spouse. It’s mental toughness — aka personal responsibility and accountability — and it’s something you can get better at, over time. FUN FACT: It might mean something different than you think. It’s NOT about being a single-minded drill sergeant who harps on ....

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