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  • Diets and the cheat days!

    We have all been there: You eat healthy balanced meals all week, but when the weekend rolls around, all bets are off for those two days! Or maybe it is more like this: You stay strict with your diet and give in to a moment of weakness at your friend's birthday dinner, then the next day, and the day after that. Personally, when I decide that I need to eat cleaner and cut out some unhealthy snacks, that ALWAYS seems to be the day enticing treats appear to test my resolve! Or I forget my lunch and need to eat out. Life seems to have a way of throwing a curveball into those best laid nutrition plans. So today, let's tackle the issue of diets and the cheat day mentality. 1. Eating clean and ....

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  • Goals: ugh or Ah?

    When you walk in the gym, do you expect to achieve all of your fitness goals by the end of the workout? How about by the end of the week's workouts? Come on now! Of course these ideas are not possible! I didn't start my workouts with being able to do 5 pull-ups, and I don't expect to achieve them at the end unless I already have 4 and am close to that 5th one. Too often, we have lofty fitness goals that are excellent goals to work toward, but that time aspect can be the difference between conceivable and inconceivable! Other items also factor into play, like nutrition, sleep, and accessory work on days you aren't in the gym. Here are some questions to ask yourself when creating ....

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  • Do you REALLY need vitamins?

    Do you REALLY need vitamins?

    Do you REALLY need vitamins? When I was a kid, Flintstones vitamins were all the rage. It was an easy way to get kids to take their vitamins without a fuss! But with so many vitamins on the market, it can be easy to either get caught up in taking too much, the wrong kind, or wasting your hard earned money on snake oil! So, read on for our two cents on supplements! 1. Take a look at your diet: - Are you truly eating a balanced diet? - Are you making sure to get all of your vegetables, proteins and good fats? - Are you varying your foods and adding in vitamin rich sources? - Do you know where your food comes from and how it is treated from the ....

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  • Back to your fitness with your kids back to school!!

    Back to your fitness with your kids back to school!!

    Back to school is coming... Get ready for the commercials, the sales, and busy schedules! August means back to school everything and, in Gainesville, more traffic! ​​But back to school means the arrival of fall, normalization of schedules if you are a parent, and the upcoming holiday season. But what about your fitness? Where can that fit in with you achieving your fitness goals? With your kids or grandkids back in school, let's talk about how to school YOU on getting back to your fitness! 1. Just like you are scheduling after school activities and holidays, make time for you and your fitness. By scheduling it in, you are making a commitment to yourself to get that ....

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  • Too busy or not important enough?

    Too busy or not important enough?

    Are you too busy or is it not a priority? Since I have heard the quote about being busy, it really makes me think about where things fall in my life regarding priority. Cooking dinner is a high priority since my family and I need to eat! Learning to knit a sweater is a low priority since I have many of them and prefer to fill my free time with other things, therefore it is not a high priority! When someone comes in my office and says they are so busy and can't find the time to work out, often it only takes a few minutes of questions to determine that they actually CAN work out but choose instead to sleep an extra hour or watch TV in the evenings instead of fitting in fitness. ....

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  • July as a barometer

    Why you need a check-in... July is a fun month around here as we dust off the Christmas ornaments, pull out the tree, and generally get festive around here! But why is our Christmas in July a good reminder for you? Read on and i'll explain how this can supercharge your fitness with your July check-in!​​ 1. What health and fitness goals did you set for yourself in January? Looking back at what you set for yourself, or didn't set for yourself will help you choose what you want to achieve the back half of 2019. Set some small, short term goals, medium gotta-work-for-them goals, and a big ultimate goal for 2019. Once you get these on paper, you can create a plan to achieve ....

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  • Being sneaky about your dark green leafys!!

    Being sneaky about your dark green leafys!!

    How did Popeye do it?
    Ok, full disclosure, I'm not a fan of dark green vegetables. Yes, I know, they are fantastic for your health, they are part of a balanced diet, and great for digestion...but I am NOT a fan of consuming it raw! I always think back to my childhood cartoon days of watching Popeye and seeing him grow big and strong after eating canned spinach. Every time it hit my plate as a kid, I had to think of Popeye and channel my inner sailor to eat that stuff! How did he do it? As an adult, I'm finding that rather than forcing myself to eat greens, I needed to get creative. Skipping them altogether, which many people do, can be detrimental to your health. Greens provide ....

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  • Let's celebrate independence...from back pain!

    Low back pain blues... Let's talk low back pain. It's a pain in the neck, but in the low back! ​​I once had a friend that said, "you never really think about how important your low back is until it goes out". As someone that has been on the receiving end of this pain, I can agree. Let's talk about this pain and what you can do about it! ​​ How pervasive is low back pain in your life? Is it frequent? Does it leave you unable to move? Are you limited in your life because of it, or does it cause frequent visits to the heating pad? Fact is, millions of people suffer from low back pain and mask its symptoms with pain relievers, muscle relaxers, and other medicines ....

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  • Merry Chris...wait, what?

    Merry Chris...wait, what?

    Merry *early* Christmas! I love the holidays! I love Christmas holidays especially! What better way to celebrate 6 months to the festive holiday than with a celebration! But Christmas is more than just presents. It is a good time to think about nutrition! Think about it: It is the holiday season, parties and celebrations galore, and so many ways to sabotage your healthyeating habits. ​​​​So let's talk a little nutrition, how to work around temptation, how it ties into our Food 4 Kids food drive we are holding again this year! 1. Let's just wash that word "diet" right out of your vernacular! We don't want you to think of yourself on a lifelong diet. That just sounds ....

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  • Flipping on Flip Flops!

    Flipping on Flip Flops!

    Flip Flopping on Flip Flops The information is out there as to how orthotics can help your posture, back pain, and knee pain, to name a few. But orthotic flip flops? I was a skeptic until I learned more about it, and now I'm a proud owner of my own orthotic flip flops! ​​ Orthotic flip flops right out of the gate are different because they are custom made to YOUR foot. Boom. Feet are kind of like fingerprints, they are all different! Even though your size may be the same as someone else's, the way you walk on your foot and they way your foot is created makes yours pretty unique! Since summer is just around the corner (June 21st to be exact!), the shoe of ....

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