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We believe that movement is medicine, and just like a prescription, the wrong one may make a person worse than when they started!
At AXIS, each client is put through complete structural evaluation, flexibility test, and fitness assessment before any exercise is prescribed.

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I started training at Axis in April 2019 with the goals of losing weight and increasing my strength. I was living a sedentary lifestyle with a poor diet. The first two months were a struggle for me. But after my first evaluation results I felt motivated to improve my food choices and start working out on my days off. I'm very pleased at how much my strength and endurance have improved, and my food choices have gotten better. If only there was an app to stop me from eating fries! I also like that it is a small gym with people of all ages and fitness levels where I don't feel judged. Danielle is a great trainer and motivates me to get the most out of each workout. She makes sure I'm doing the workouts I enjoy which makes my training sessions fun, except for Bear Crawls, ha, ha! Seriously, I hate Bear Crawls, but they get my heart rate up! I would recommend Axis Training Studio for anyone wanting to improve their physical, mental and emotional-well being.

Martine Lowe

I am a 40 something working mom of three teenagers. I have a very demanding job and home life. Axis is a place I can go and get a whole body workout with a sports physiologist in just a half hour. It’s great for getting and staying in shape without the worry of getting injured. It works so well for me and my previously injured body that I have continued to go back for 14 months. Also, it’s very affordable.

Brittany Trimble

Since coming to Axis, I have experienced improved energy, fitness, and overall well-being. As a doctor, I know how important exercise is to our overall health and routinely advise my patients to increase their physical activity. However, as a working mother I also know how hard it can be to find time and energy to take on something new. I needed help and encouragement to increase my physical activity safely, and this support is the key to what Axis offers. They will get you where you want to go, and will not let you injure yourself in the process. The programs are personalized and respectful of your preferences and goals. I am not a “gym person” but I enjoy the workouts and how I feel as my strength and stamina increase. I would (and do) recommend Axis to friends, family, and my patients. It is definitely time and money well spent!

Lisa Chacko

I have been training at AXIS for about 18 months. Jake and his team create a welcoming environment for everyone. All of his staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. I look forward to my sessions each week and appreciate their willingness to always work with my schedule and help me accomplish my goals.

Personal Training near Gainesville

Star Sansone

Before I started going to Axis I had not worked out in over 6 years, due to a hip injury. I had no energy, and little motivation and had gained back all the weight I had loss 7 yrs ago. My daughter convinced me to come do a semi-private class with her at Axis. Great way to get one on one instruction, and making sure I was using good form through the exercises. The trainers are very knowledgeable and do a great job of keeping me motivated. At the end of 8 weeks I had lost 4 lbs. of fat! And gained muscle. I have since transitioned to the small group training class. Its fun and a great workout. I can modify the moves to accommodate my personal needs, and I still feel like the trainers are giving me personal instruction. I highly recommend Axis for anyone who wants to just feel better, have more energy, lose weight. Jake and his team are super nice, welcoming, and want to help you achieve your goals.

Personal Training near Gainesville

Andrea Blitch

Before I started at Axis training I worked out maybe once or twice a week on my own. Watching videos or running mainly, just to keep my shape. But I decided I needed a more permanent workout routine and something to keep me motivated. I joined Axis training studio nine months ago and have loved every minute of it!! My trainers have kept me accountable for working out at the gym and at home as well as keeping me straight on my food intake. I have noticed significant results in the amount of muscle and tone I have in my arms, legs, buttocks, and shoulders. My trainer and I evaluate my success and weakness every six weeks so we can work together to find a workout program that suits my needs. If you have been needing someone to help get you off the couch or just some extra motivation a few days a week, please consider Axis Training Studio!!

Personal Training near Gainesville

Meagan Wiltse

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