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  • This new addiction is REAL!

    Have you ever been so addicted to something that you could not stop? I'm not talking like a kid in a candy store type of addiction, I'm talking about something so intense that you can't keep your hands off it. I will be honest and confess that I've been addicted to something over the past 4 months and it's CRAZY! I am no different than you. I have temptations, desires and my emotions circulate like a roller coaster at times. But this one addiction has changed the way I work and has even taken root in my workouts. It's hard to believe my life without it. Crazy, I know. But... this addiction is actually good and healthy. Hear me out. You know how your muscles can get sore after ....

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  • Are You Being Cheated?

    Are You Being Cheated?

    Let’s face it, we’ve all been cheated at some point in our life… sports, finances, work promotion or even a marriage. Now, this is not the kind of “cheated” I want to talk to you about. What I’m talking about is more of a dirty little secret that is playing tricks on you. The funny thing is, you don’t even know it and yet you are led to believe it’s truth and accuracy. It’s like a thief in the night and you are victim. I’m going to give you the cold hard facts so you don’t have to be sabotaged ever again. Fair enough? If you wear a smart watch (Apple, Fit Bit, Samsung, ....

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  • Is It Full or Empty?

    Last week I met with some clients and one of them asked me a powerful question. It went something like this, “If AXIShad to take a stance on something what would it be?” In short, this client asked me to draw a line in the sand. That’s not an easy thing to do because it means that some people will end up on the other side of that line. Then I got to thinking about it... If that’s the case then AXISreally isn’t for them anyway. So here’s what I said. “Your workouts should leave you with more.” Here's what I mean. One philosophy is that unless you feel terrible after your workouts then you haven’t worked hard ....

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  • Veterans Day Give Back

    Veterans Day Give Back

    🚨 🚨 Veterans!! Please train with us the week of November 11th in honor of Veterans Day! 💪 As one of the only veteran owned Training Studios in Alachua county, we want to give back to those who served. ✅ Just send an email request to m with full contact info to get your complimentary VIP pass. ....

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  • Fitness ?? and alcohol??

    Picture this: it's Friday afternoon after a long week. You just finished a large project and decide to celebrate with colleagues after work. You know that tomorrow you have a workout on the books and a busy weekend with some fresh air and some trail walking with your family. You are perusing the menu and your colleagues around you are ordering beers. You are faced with a choice to order a beer as well, or not. This situation is all too familiar and you may already know how you feel having passed on the beer or maybe had just one. That saying, everything in moderation, seems true enough. But if you have some serious fitness goals you want to achieve, passing on that beer may be way more ....

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  • You NEED these in your life...

    Habits. We all have them, good and bad! They start from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. You eat at certain times, you work at certain times, and I BET you have a specific routine for when you get ready to sleep at night! One thing is for sure, habits follow us and shape us, but what happens if they aren't working FOR us? What are the habits you HAVE vs. the ones you NEED? If you search the web for "Habits of successful people", chances are you will see self help books and websites galore! BUT, there is a common theme among those books and websites talking about the HEALTHY habits you should have. Here are 5 habits to work on for a healthier you: 1. Sleep. Are you ....

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  • Friends helping friends!

    Friends helping friends!

    Close your eyes and think of your good friends. It could be they are long time friends, family, or even co-workers. But these should be people you are around on a regular basis. Now narrow that group down to five of your very close friends, and think on this; what are some of the things you have in common with them? What are the things you do with them on a regular basis? What is the reason that brought you to be close with these five friends? These answers may vary, but start to notice a pattern with these friends. There is usually a shared habit, activity, and interest that brought you together with these friends. Now think about your health and fitness goals. Do any of your ....

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  • Steps to happy eating!

    Steps to happy eating!

    We all know that saying, "You are what you eat", but how much does that really affect what we put in our mouths?
    I had a friend share an article with me about the correlation of food to personal happiness: .
    I was so grateful to receive this article as it has been top of mind for me lately! Think about it, how often do you really THINK about what you are consuming? Are you rushing to find something quick for lunch or dinner? Or maybe you are out to dinner and choose something to indulge in. Or maybe you are watching TV or your phone while you eat to pass the time. Let's take five and really think about this process of eating. I like to ....

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  • Happy Fall - Best tips for fit fall weekend activities!

    Happy Fall - Best tips for fit fall weekend activities!

    It is officially autumn in Florida...which usually still means hot and humid weather! This year, it looks to be a little cooler than last year around this time, and this can be a great opportunity to vary your home activities and incorporate some great weekend workouts outside of the gym! Living in the sunshine state can have some benefits such as lots of sun, opportunity to grow a variety of plants, ability to enjoy water activities longer than our northern counterparts, numerous hiking and fishing opportunities, and not to mention living so near to theme parks! But with all this sunshine comes loads of tourists, possibility of heat stroke, sunburns, and loads of allergies! Here are ....

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  • Saving your world....with socks!

    Saving your world....with socks!

    Socks to save the foot at a time! You may have seen some socks around the studio lately, and you may have wondered what socks has to do with your fitness? (believe me, I wondered too!) But around here, we are all about unconventional tools and utilizing the latest technology to solve your every day fitness issues! This week we are tackling that age old issue of...Plantar Fasciitis! Maybe you don't know if you have it, maybe it comes and goes in your life, and maybe it is that pain plaguing your life RIGHT NOW! The hallmarks of classic plantar fasciitis according to are: 1. stabbing pain in the bottom of ....

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