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  • What's zapping ? your energy?

    What's zapping ? your energy?

    Here’s a problem that affects a LOT of people … a lack of energy! Before the pandemic, the number of people who said they often felt tired was around 43% … and during the pandemic that number shot up to 60%. In keeping with our “clean it up” theme this month, I thought it would be helpful to list some things you can do to cut out a few sneaky drains on your energy. Because the truth is, many everyday habits can actually leave you feeling tired. 10 Things Draining Your Energy Not getting enough exercise.Not moving your body can make you want to move even LESS! Making time for exercise can get your blood pumping, improve your ....

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  • How to Snackus Interruptus...or stop night time snacking!

    How to Snackus Interruptus...or stop night time snacking!

    This month we’re giving special focus to something that I know a LOT of you are interested in … Cleaning it up! By that I mean, focusing on cleaning up our diets, our self-care and cleaning products, our homes, and even the info we feed our brain. (If you want a deeper dive on this, be sure to grab my Clean It Up 5 Day Challenge Guide – you can get info here: Click Me! ) Let’s talk about ONE BIG AREA that a lot of people struggle with when it comes to cleaning up their nutrition – NIGHTTIME SNACKING! I wanted to share something that happened with a client recently - because I know you will probably relate. (We all can!) Have you ....

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  • Goal check-in!

    Goal check-in!

    Can you believe that we’re turning the corner into June!? This is the perfect time to check in on how you’re doing with your 2021 goals for the year. Are you where you’d hoped you’d be in terms of your progress … or are those goals a distant memory? As we’ve taken a deep dive into aging this month, it can be pretty eye-opening to realize that your goals are about SO MUCH MORE than what size jeans you’re wearing. Don’t get me wrong. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having weight- or size-related goals. But the incredible thing is that those results are often a SIDE EFFECT of something else: Focusing on your ....

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  • Addressing the elephant in the room: your digestion!

    Addressing the elephant in the room: your digestion!

    Let’s talk about a topic a lot of people feel uncomfortable talking about: DIGESTION. When it’s working great, life is GOOD! And when it’s not, well … you can feel bloated, gassy, sluggish, and just plain BLAH. Lots of factors can affect your digestion – including getting OLDER. Research shows that about 40% of older adults have at least one age-related digestive problem every year! That includes constipation … reflux … sensitivities to certain foods … ulcers … polyps … and more. Plus, as we age it’s common for our digestive systems to slow down, which can exacerbate other problems! Here are ....

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  • Fitness, Longevity, and THIS Test!! ??

    Fitness, Longevity, and THIS Test!! ??

    I’ve got a fun one for you today! It’s a test that can give you a hint about how well you are aging. If you’ve done this test before, it’s worth doing again to make sure you’re still on track. It’s called the sit and stand test. It was designed by Brazilian researchers, and their study shows it can help predictlongevity (or … more precisely … your health and fitness longevity). To do it, all you need is a clear space on the floor. Stand in the middle of the floor, and lower yourself to the floor to a sitting position – without using your hands or any assistance. Then, without using your hands or any assistance, stand ....

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  • Are you making enough deposits in this account?

    Are you making enough deposits in this account?

    This month we’re taking a deep dive into a BILLION-dollar topic. No, that is not a typo! It’s all about staying healthy as you age. This year, across the world people will spend $62 billion on anti-aging efforts. That’s one of those numbers that is so big, it’s hard to imagine, am I right? But imagine this: you don’t have to break the bank in order to be healthy at EVERY age. Your health & wellness is like your retirement account. The consistent investments you make NOW – by eating a healthy diet, working out regularly, taking care of your skin/eyes/teeth, not smoking, etc. – pay off big-time deep into the future! And the ....

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  • Stand up to combat stress & anxiety (I can show you how!)

    Stand up to combat stress & anxiety (I can show you how!)

    We’ve been talking a lot about your core and how important is it - but today is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. We’re going to go deep on how your posture (and core strength) can affect your mood and stress level … and vice versa. And by going deep … I mean deep into your core muscles AND your lungs! Take a second and imagine you’re at work, sitting in front of your computer. Or maybe you’re zoning out while scrolling through your phone. Chances are you’re sitting in a slouch, your shoulders rounded over your chest and abs. Well did you know that this posture is actually linked with feeling depressed and tired!?😱 Plus, ....

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  • February means loving yourself...starting with your core!

    February means loving yourself...starting with your core!

    When was the last time you gave your core muscles a little TLC? They work SUPER HARD for you all day, every day. But most of us don’t give them the attention they deserve – and when we DO think about them, it’s probably about how they look. Well, here’s something eye-opening: Your Core Muscles: ● Form the basis of basically EVERY movement you make, day and night. ● They keep your spine safe and stable as you move your arms and legs. ● They help you keep your balance. ● They power your breathing, ● Support your organs, and ● Keep you standing and sitting tall. When they ....

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  • The truth about "life balance"...+ a FREE GIFT!

    The truth about "life balance"...+ a FREE GIFT!

    You decide to go on a big health kick and “clean up” your lifestyle – and that means getting rid of things. Maybe it’s certain foods (or even food groups) … or maybe it’s “activities” you decide to STOP doing (happy hour, TV binges, etc.). Basically, it’s all about things you have to DENY yourself! What if you flipped that script around and looked at it as UPGRADING your life instead? This little mindset trick can turn a negative outlook into a fun and positive one that helps you create habits you will stick with and actually ENJOY! ● Instead of denying yourself a mid afternoon ....

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