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  • Stand up to combat stress & anxiety (I can show you how!)

    Stand up to combat stress & anxiety (I can show you how!)

    We’ve been talking a lot about your core and how important is it - but today is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. We’re going to go deep on how your posture (and core strength) can affect your mood and stress level … and vice versa. And by going deep … I mean deep into your core muscles AND your lungs! Take a second and imagine you’re at work, sitting in front of your computer. Or maybe you’re zoning out while scrolling through your phone. Chances are you’re sitting in a slouch, your shoulders rounded over your chest and abs. Well did you know that this posture is actually linked with feeling depressed and tired!?😱 Plus, ....

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  • February means loving yourself...starting with your core!

    February means loving yourself...starting with your core!

    When was the last time you gave your core muscles a little TLC? They work SUPER HARD for you all day, every day. But most of us don’t give them the attention they deserve – and when we DO think about them, it’s probably about how they look. Well, here’s something eye-opening: Your Core Muscles: ● Form the basis of basically EVERY movement you make, day and night. ● They keep your spine safe and stable as you move your arms and legs. ● They help you keep your balance. ● They power your breathing, ● Support your organs, and ● Keep you standing and sitting tall. When they ....

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  • The truth about "life balance"...+ a FREE GIFT!

    The truth about "life balance"...+ a FREE GIFT!

    You decide to go on a big health kick and “clean up” your lifestyle – and that means getting rid of things. Maybe it’s certain foods (or even food groups) … or maybe it’s “activities” you decide to STOP doing (happy hour, TV binges, etc.). Basically, it’s all about things you have to DENY yourself! What if you flipped that script around and looked at it as UPGRADING your life instead? This little mindset trick can turn a negative outlook into a fun and positive one that helps you create habits you will stick with and actually ENJOY! ● Instead of denying yourself a mid afternoon ....

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  • 10 steps to DOMINATING your goals!!!

    10 steps to DOMINATING your goals!!!

    It’s the season for setting goals … and today I’ve got something that will help you to make them a reality! It’s a checklist to stay on-track, no matter what goals you’re working toward. Let’s jump in... 10 Steps to Conquering Your Goals 1. FOCUS & DECIDE. Instead of choosing several goals to work on all at the same time, harness all that energy and focus it toward just 1-2 main goals . 2. Pick the goal with your BIGGEST WHY. This is the goal that you emotionally connect with and have a STRONG REASON for choosing. (example: “I want to have the energy to play with my kids.” - that’s a pretty big reason) ....

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  • Your MAGIC window, and how it works!

    Your MAGIC window, and how it works!

    Imagine you have a magic window … … and when you look into it, you can see yourself on the other side on Dec. 31, 2021. Who is looking back at you through the window? Well, that’s up to YOU to decide. What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to FEEL ? Who do you want to BECOME !? BEGINNING WITH THE END IN MIND is a powerful way to determine your path for your future “you.” To become that person you want to be 12 months from now … what needs to happen between now and December 31st to get there? Rather than piecing together a bunch of tasks or habits … hoping they stick … and ....

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  • 7 ways to boost your immune system

    7 ways to boost your immune system

    I hope your December is off to a fantastic start and that you are carving out some “you” time to enjoy your favorite activities during the holidays! Tackling your fitness during a month of high stress seems like an attempt at brushing your teeth while eating oreos, but think about this: If you work on your fitness THIS month, when EVERYONE starts their fitness resolutions in January, you will be one month in and THAT much closer to achieving your fitness goals! Giving yourself the gift of good health is a great way to start … and I’ve got some tips for you today on boosting your immune system NATURALLY. BONUS: This has a spillover effect to ....

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  • My Favorite 7 word question...

    My Favorite 7 word question...

    I have a 7-word question for you today. It’s short, sweet, and asking it will help you finish the year feeling strong and in control. Even better, it will help you build momentum into 2021. Here it is ... EVERY TIME you are faced with a temptation that will pull you off track with your health and fitness goals, ask yourself: How will this make you feel tomorrow? At some point this month you’re going to be tempted to put your goals on hold. DON’T DO IT. It’s SO MUCH EASIER to stay on-track than it is to get BACK on track. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I have never met a person ....

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  • CRAZY week ahead?

    CRAZY week ahead?

    It's the week of Thanksgiving, and with all of the fun and busyness of the holiday, things can get a little hectic and crazy. Am I right?! Run to this store … go to that place … pick this up … drop that off … get this done … and the list goes on and on. The number of things you need to get done in a day (let alone a holiday week!) are INCREDIBLE. It’s easy to feel drained, rushed, and pressured, and feel like you need to focus your attention on all the things you still HAVE to do (lack of something). The LAST thing you want to take the time to do is slow down and practice a little gratitude. But guess what? ....

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  • The “New Extraordinary” holiday survival checklist inside

    The “New Extraordinary” holiday survival checklist inside

    The holidays are RIGHT around the corner, and I’ve got your game-plan (right in this blog!) to help you stay on-track, feel STRONG, and still have FUN! FACT: Chances are the holidays this year are going to look a little (lot?!) different than most other years. ALSO FACT: Being prepared for that difference ahead of time can help you (and your loved ones) avoid disappointment and actually enjoy yourself! It all comes down to being INTENTIONAL with how you spend your time over the next month and a half . This can include planning new/different activities or changing up your holiday traditions and celebrations. 1. Food. Organize your day-to-day meals ....

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