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  • Personal Training in Gainesville - Axis Training Studio - New goals and...OMG what happened??!!!

    New goals and...OMG what happened??!!!

    It is inevitable, especially in physics, what goes up, must come down! Alas, I hate to be the bearer of bad news…but yes, we ALL fall down. Maybe it is getting a cold and taking a few days off, maybe it is traveling and having less access to healthy food, maybe it is the holidays and your mother-in-law cooked an amazing 4 course meal…but we all fall down. BUT, if you know the famous quote, the important part is NOT falling down, it is the getting back up part that makes the difference. I remembering traveling to Key West with my family when I was a little girl. I must have been 8 years old or so, and my family and I took a walk on the famous seven mile ....

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  • Personal Training in Gainesville - Axis Training Studio - New Year, New You, NO PARKING!!!

    New Year, New You, NO PARKING!!!

    New Year, New You, NO PARKING!! This first official week of January, like I mentioned last week, I keep hearing the pervasive phrase, "New Year, New You" encouraging you to make new fitness goals for the new year. As a fitness professional, I love this! I wish for all of my clients to continue setting fantastic fitness goals for us to achieve together! But the other side of the coin shows my social media feed of friends and other fitness professionals full of complaints regarding the lack of parking at their local gyms. This time of year, the post-holiday new year side, shows a yearning of returning to business and a fit body. The parking, it seems, is a testament to the large scale ....

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  • Personal Training in Gainesville - Axis Training Studio - Goodbye...until next year!

    Goodbye...until next year!

    One phrase I hear every year around this time from various fitness institutions is, "New Year, New You", and I find such monotony in tired, worn out phrases like that. It is so over used, there are numerous memes making fun of this phrase easily found on the internet, and I've attached one to this blog! I actually want to change the phrase to, "New year,new habits, but with more results and feeling better than ever," but realize thatmight betoo wordy! I want to stress that the goal of gyms should NOT be tochange the fundamental"you", but to be your guide along your fitness journey!I don't have a magic wand or silver bullet... but I can give you more energy&vitality, more ....

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  • Let them eat less cake!

    When writing this blog today and having cake on the brain, I wanted to clear something up first... Many think Marie Antoinette gave the famous quote, "Let them eat cake" in reference to her people's inability to afford and eat bread. In actuality, according toherletters written to her family at that time, she said, " It is quite certain that in seeing the people who treat us so well despite their own misfortune, we are more obliged than ever to work hard for their happiness." So, not quite the mentality of someone callously suggesting her subjects give up bread for cake. Now, on to the subject of bread and cake! This week I've been hearing around the gym, "I'm ....

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  • Personal Training in Gainesville - Axis Training Studio - Breaking down biohacking: How it can give you BETTER results FASTER!

    Breaking down biohacking: How it can give you BETTER results FASTER!

    Biohacking. It's a term used frequently around the fitness industry, and I tend to also use it around AXIS.
    But, what exactly IS biohacking, and how does it apply to you?
    One great example of biohacking is adding MCT (medium chain triglyceride) powder to coffee, so that instead of a regular cup of coffee, you are now having a supercharged cup of joe! The MCT is believed to sustain the caffeine in the coffee longer, while also making your stomach less acidic in the mean time. Ways we see biohacking in the gym is to add cardio conditioning WHILE weight training to super charge your workout. You know those MyZone belts and TV you see at AXIS? Yup, that is biohacking! It ....

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  • Personal Training in Gainesville - Axis Training Studio - Oops, they sent the wrong one!

    Oops, they sent the wrong one!

    What happened? You may be thinking that looking at our new e-newsletter! What happened? Just as we know you expect to see changes when training with AXIS, we like to deliver changes in other ways too! We know you get bombarded with emails, so let's keep this short and sweet: our goal with the AXIS Insider is to give you a short article for motivation, events to keep on your radar, and nutrition tips you can easily use. THAT'S IT! So, today we say hello and deliver the rundown of upcoming events! Did you GET our quick e-newsletter? Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list and we will sign you up! Send an email to and say, "I want in!" to get signed ....

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  • Why Kettlebells?

    Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced athlete? All can benefit from kettlebell training. Continue reading to see our top 10 benefits of kettlebell training...
    Power output Increased power output is something many athletes seek, but many times the average person training for general health and well-being neglect it. Power is defined as pr oportional speed at which you can apply this maximal force. The effects of building more power will improve maximal strength, increase athleticism, and improve overall conditioning.
    Changing center of gravity Training with kettlebells challenges the body to react to a constantly changing center of gravity. Kettlebells are designed ....

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  • Do your feet hurt?

    Do you have pain in or around your heel? Does this pain radiate throughout your foot? Do your first few steps in the morning cause a sharp or stabbing pain? You may have plantar fasciitis. What is the plantar fascia? Your foot has a thick fibrous ligament that runs from your heel all the way to your toes. This thick weblike ligament supports your arch and helps you walk. When the fascia is over stretched tiny tears can occur in the surface which can cause pain and inflammation and ultimately leading to plantar fasciitis. What causes it? A number of factors can contribute to plantar fasciitis but you’re at a higher risk if you are overweight or obese ....

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  • Careers

    AXIS Training Studio works to educate, motivate, and inspire people to become the best version of themselves through our training, nutrition and lifestyle programs. We have an awesome team we are proud of, clients that are happy, and a staff of champions! We take pride in our work as health and wellness educators and strive to inspire healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Over the last couple of years we’ve had tremendous growth and we are looking for a part-time trainer. It’s our goal to help thousands of north Florida residents, feel and perform their best. To do this, we need a strong supporting cast, which includes a SOLID Exercise Physiologist/Personal Trainer ....

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  • The Importance of Proper Posture

    The importance of posture
    If you take a look around you, you will most likely see most Americans slumped over at their desks or hunched over their smartphones for endless hours. This can actually attribute to many of the health problems inflating in North America. Did you know that the way you hold yourself can actually affect digestion, breathing, and memory/learning. The importance of posture goes a long way. Digestion:
    The proper body alignment is extremely important to make sure your organs can function as intended. Poor posture can compress the abdominal muscles involved in digestion which then affects peristaltic function (alternate muscle contraction and ....

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