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  • Eat More to Lose Weight: Why under eating is sabotaging your weight loss.

    Eat More to Lose Weight: Why under eating is sabotaging your weight loss.

    Eat More to Lose Weight: Why under eating is sabotaging your weight loss.
    Have you hit a plateau in your fat loss? Maybe the scale hasn’t budged in a while, even though you feel like you’re already eating practically nothing. Why is this happening? Let’s start by defining metabolism: metabolism is the sum of all the chemical processes that take place within your body to sustain life.In order to drive these processes, your body requires energy. You get this energy from food. Maybe you’ve heard someone say “ I just have a slow metabolism, I can’t lose weight.
    ” It is true that age, activity level and other factors can play a part ....

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  • Hit that Reset button for your gut!

    Hit that Reset button for your gut!

    So you ate, you drank, you relaxed, and then you ate some more. Or maybe it was just a tough week and your green eating took a backseat. And now it’s time to face the music. As you wake up on Monday morning after your week of less-than-healthy eating… Your body is puffy and bloated. Your joints are achy. Your clothes feel tight. Maybe you are feeling that way right now. Here are 5 steps to get you back on the fitness fast track after your trip. Step One: Focus
    You ate things from the “never eat these” list, you drank more that you should have…but now it’s over. Draw a line in the sand. It is a new week, so the bad eating stops now. If ....

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  • Results you can see in 3D

    Results you can see in 3D

    For Immediate Release
    - Representing the best and newest technology in fitness measurement, AXIS Training Studio in Gainesville, Florida challenges the notion that boutique fitness clients attending a smaller gym receive smaller benefits. AXIS is unveiling their newest tool: a portable 3D body scanner called Styku, featuring a 3D camera with 2 mm of accuracy that is able to measure hundreds of body measurements with 1% or less of error. Unlike the other scanning devices found around town with specific guidelines to follow for an accurate result, the AXIS Styku simply requires form fitting clothes for an accurate result. Jake Thompson, ....

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  • Using your thoughts to power up your machine!

    It Starts First Thing Each Day How do you start each day? What is the first thing YOU think about when you open your eyes each morning? Sometimes when we are sore, work late, have deadlines or are stressed, it can be tough to start the day with a positive thought. But have you noticed that when you wake up in a cranky mood it follows you around for the rest of the day? Thinking positive is not always easy, and can be very tough during times of high stress. But think about this: Let's say you have been training to walk a full mile, and have successfully done so many times. How likely are you to complete your next mile with someone walking alongside of you telling you that you can't ....

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  • That beautiful thing called sleep!

    That beautiful thing called sleep!

    Are you missing sleep? That mythical thing called sleep! How does it look like in your life? How much are you really sleeping each night? If the above questions cause you to pause in thought and remember times when sleep was a luxury, keep reading! We want to talk to you about that wonderful thing and how you can get more of it in YOUR life! First thing's first, think truthfully about how much sleep per night you are averaging. Then think about the quality of sleep you are averaging. If these two thoughts are not leaving you peacefully sleeping at night, you need to look at changing things in your life to improve your sleep! Why is sleep so darn important, ....

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  • How to be sneaky...with your fitness!

    How to be sneaky...with your fitness!

    A question I often hear is: "What should I do on the days I'm NOT at AXIS?". Totally a valid question, and the possibilities are endless! But to narrow things down a bit, there ARE some sneaky ways to fit in fitness without changing much to your daily routine!​ Here are 5 easy ones! 1. First question to ask yourself, and be completely honest, how often do you find yourself sitting and sedentary in your daily routine? For many people that work an office-type job, sitting can be our most frequented position while at work. And once you get home, how much do you find yourself sitting there? Again, I hear frequently that it is sitting, or one step further, reclining. So, the best ....

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  • Saying "Yes" to feeling awesome!

    Saying "Yes" to feeling awesome!

    What does yourweeklook like?
    How often can you say a book has changed your life? How is itone word canhave the power to exert such an influence over one's life? ​ Today is a quick lesson in "Yes".​ Several years back, I rented a comedy to watch with my husband. I was expecting a slapstick comedy with no real substance. Boy, was I wrong! We certainly laughed and enjoyed the movie, but once we turned it off, we talked about the subject for quite a bit afterward. It opened up a dialog about how WE wanted to live our lives. Pretty deep for a Jim Carrey movie! The movie “ Yes Man ” is about a man that was known to his friends as ....

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  • When your nutrition takes a vacation...

    When your nutrition takes a vacation...

    I'd say it never fails, I tell myself this week, "I will eat cleanly!", only to walk into work and find someone has given me a plate full of cookies. Or I make a promise to eat better only t o look at my lunch options and realiz e if forgot to pack something healthy. There are weeks I am successful at this whole eating healthy thing, and then...not so much... How CAN you come back from eating poorly, and how can you better stay on track longer? This past week was my birthday, and like anyone celebrating, there was cake and other foods NOT on my meal plan! Now, I was hard on myself mentally after the fact as I work so hard to eat well and exercise on the regular. But, I ALSO ....

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  • The BEST thing for a cold...

    The BEST thing for a cold...

    I have to say, the cold and flu season has hit quite a few of us around here! From the kids at school to having clients needing to reschedule due to feeling under the weather, the ick is most certainly making its rounds. All too often I hear from clients that they don't have the TIME to get sick, and calling into work and appointments throws a huge stick in the works. I get it and have to agree, life doesn't take a backseat and pause when you get sick, and the last thing anyone wants to do is get out of routine. But what do you do when you HAVE to push pause on life and, stay with me here...actually slow down? I get asked what supplement will help, or what magic biohack can ....

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  • Prepare, Prepare, PREPARE!

    Prepare, Prepare, PREPARE!

    I love the quote on the picture above, and I think it accurately describes why you should meal prep. " By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." Simple and so true. Think about all the times you go to the fridge, ready just to throw something in the microwave and eat​ ​ ​ ​ because you are starving...only to open to a bare fridge. 😡 Then, because you are SO hungry, you go the pantry and look for something to "tide you over" until you can wait even longer until someone gets home, or simply end up eating a whole bag of snack food and end up regretting your food choice. Sometimes, this can spiral even further out of control where you say, "well, so much for eating ....

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