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How to INSTANTLY gain more hours in YOUR week!!!

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How to INSTANTLY gain more hours in YOUR week!!!

What if I told you that dropping ONE habit could not only add 14+ hours back to your week…

But it could also help you boost your energy, lower your stress levels, and even reduce aches and pains

Would you do it? 

The habit I’m talking about is scrolling on your phone

And if you're like most people, you probably spend more time on your digital devices than you realize. 

These days, nearly 57% of Americans consider themselves "mobile phone addicts" and 75% of adults say they feel uncomfortable without their phones…

Meanwhile, all that screen time is making us less focused, hurting our sleep, stressing us out, and taking precious time away from spending time with people we care about and working towards our goals.

Fortunately, a digital detox can do our bodies and brains a LOT of good!

According to the Cleveland Clinic, here’s what happens when you start reducing your screen time:

- Less stress. Unplugging from constant news and dings can cut tension and worries.

 - Better focus. You can engage better and more deeply without your phone constantly distracting you.

 - Improved relationships. Ditching your phone helps you to be more present with other people around you.

 - Better sleep. At bedtime, your brain starts to release melatonin, which helps you relax. But looking at your phone at night can delay when your brain releases melatonin, making it harder to fall asleep.

 - More time. This one is a biggie! You’ll have a lot more time to focus on the things that matter most to you.

 - Healthier neck and back. Hunching over your phone can cause aches and pains — not to mention that it can lead to eye strain.

Exactly how you structure your “digital detox” is up to you. A lot of it will depend on how you use your phone!

But here are some ideas:

1. Only check your email at specific points during the day
2. Take a break from playing video games
3. Turn off news and app notifications (one of my favorites!)
4. Spend less time on social media
5. Cut back on texting
6. Taking a break from watching the news or streaming video
7. Set your phone down and don’t look at it for an hour or two

Just imagine what you could do with an extra hour (or more!) every day!

One great way to use that free time is to start getting serious about FINALLY working on those health and fitness goals you have been putting off since those New Year Resolutions! (it isn't too late!) 

If you want to:

 - Start building more muscle to kickstart your metabolism
 - Detox from years of processed foods, stress, and environmental toxins that could be keeping you from optimal health
 - Work with a coach to get fit, even with those creaky knees, tight shoulders, or weak low back

And gain some healthy energy along the way…

Then AXIS Training Studio is your next best step!

In just 90 days, we’ll help you go from tired and feeling weak to stronger and more energized without being injured or broken. 

Want details? 

Call/Text us at 352-872-5373 or email training@axistrainingstudio.com to get in touch with one of our coaches STAT!



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