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Habits. We all have them, good and bad! They start from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. You eat at certain times, you work at certain times, and I BET you have a specific routine for when you get ready to sleep at night!

One thing is for sure, habits follow us and shape us, but what happens if they aren't working FOR us? What are the habits you HAVE vs. the ones you NEED?

If you search the web for "Habits of successful people", chances are you will see self help books and websites galore! BUT, there is a common theme among those books and websites talking about the HEALTHY habits you should have. Here are 5 habits to work on for a healthier you:

1. Sleep. Are you getting enough? Is is quality sleep? You body is a machine, and like all machines needs to be turned off once in a while! Have you noticed that it's when you are stressed and exhausted that you catch that seasonal cold? It's not coincidence, your immune system is compromised with lack of sleep and increased stress. So, get some rest and make sure you are rebooting YOUR system!

2. Planning. Are you planning your day or letting the day plan you? Map out your day, your week, your activities, and your workouts!! Fail to plan, you plan to fail! Recapture your days and plan, plan, plan!

3. Reflect. Look back at your day. Did you have time to eat lunch? Did you need more time for projects? Did you skip something and now feel bad for it? By mentally reflecting on your day, you have the opportunity to right the wrongs and make tomorrow even better! Take a measly 5 minutes and see what you could have done differently and implement a change to your following day if needed.

4. Appreciation. It is the view at the top of the mountain you seek, but don't miss the forest all around you! Studies have shown that those that take time to appreciate where they are, how they are, and thank others for their actions tend to be happier people. Take 2 seconds now and text a friend you haven't talked with in a while and say, "I know I've been busy, but just know I'm thinking of you and appreciate you!". They may text you back with some kind words! Won't that make you feel nicer?

5. Exercise. Of course I am going to go there! Exercise is an outlet, a stress reliever, an energy source, helps you sleep better, helps you feel accomplished, and keeps you HEALTHY! Go out and get some exercise! Not sure what to do? Give us a call 352-872-5373 or email info@axistrainingstudio.com and we can help you find healthy ways to exercise today! Injured or recovering from an injury, or have an orthopedic issue? NO PROBLEM! Our trained exercise physiologists can safely guide you through a workout that will keep you pain free!

I hope these habits find their way into your life! Pick one and try to add it today!


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