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Oh, joy! Let's DO this!

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Oh, joy! Let's DO this!

Hey there, AXIS Fit Fam!


Coach Kat here taking over the space today, and let me say I am bursting with joy today! First, it is GREAT to be back and see and hear from all of you! It is a wonderful thing to feel happiness and joy, especially now in 2020. Looking back, I’m sure anyone with a crystal ball that saw 2020 in the future certainly must have thought it was not possible!


But really, let’s put it out there. With COVID and numerous other challenges we are seeing in our lives, it can be a difficult task to find joy these days. It almost became HARD to find joy each day for me, but thankfully I have a few tips that will help you as they have helped me!!


  1. Limit your social media time and news reading time. This one can be tough, as like anyone else, I like to feel in the know and connected to family and friends through social media. But there is absolutely a point when it begins to change my mood and leave me feeling upset or sad. Have a list of who you want to check in on, post your update as needed, and when you begin feeling overwhelmed…SHUT IT OFF!
  2. Find something to do outside. There is something to be said for some fresh air! Whether it is simply sitting in the sun for a few minutes, tackling some weeding, replanting some plants, or simply taking a brisk walk outside, fresh air can help you feel good!
  3. Find a simple craft that you enjoy. It may sound funny, but I found that coloring with my son was an enjoyable activity for us both! I liked bringing life to a picture and spending time with my son! You don’t need a child to color with, you can also color by yourself. I found the coloring pages I liked by going to Google and searching “coloring pages” and printing it from my home printer. I have friends that have also tried painting, clay art, knitting, or something musical. Tap into that creative side of yourself and see what you can do to reset!
  4. Cook! Even friends that I know that are not cooks discovered some new cooking skills while in quarantine. From healthy options such as stir fry dishes, to baking chicken and other dishes, simply focusing on your task of creating a dish is enough to reset that stinkin thinkin!
  5. Rest. Emotionally, this COVID time is enough to take its toll on ANYONE! A small cat nap in the after noon of 30 or less minutes can be invigorating and enough to hit your reset button. If you aren’t sleeping well at night or find you need longer naps, reach out to your primary care provider as they can work with you for better quality sleep.
  6. Goal! I love setting and achieving goals for myself! Personal goals like completing my forever projects around the house list, or fitness goals like do a pull up or 10 push ups from my toes really set my focus. Not sure what goal you can set for yourself? Reach out to one of the trainers here at AXIS, and we can absolutely help you set a few set of goals for yourself! I like to set easy goals, medium goals, and super hard goals! Setting a few tiers of goals allows for achievement in different amounts of time. Easy goals can take a few days to weeks, medium goals can be weeks to months, and super hard goals can be months to years! Mark them down and celebrate those wins!!!
  7. Talk with a friend on the phone or FaceTime, NOT VIA TEXT! Unplugging and chatting with a friend can help to let you know you aren’t alone. In fact, you are very much connected to all of us here at AXIS! Call your favorite friend, relative, or AXIS Coach!


These are just a few ways to find some joy in your every day life. Now that I’ve given you a few ideas, I’m hoping these help inspire you to create your own! Just know that you simply being you, and a part of our amazing AXIS Fit Fam is enough to bring me joy!


I look forward to all of us being healthy, happy, and on the other side of COVID someday soon! I can’t wait for us to share in some MyZone challenges, an awesome 80’s workout or two, fun AXIS events, and much more in the coming year! Take care and let us know how you find your JOY! J

In health,

 Coach Kat


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