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All it takes is ONE reason to do this...

Hi there!


I’ve got a BIG question for you today. Before I ask it, I want you to fire up your imagination.


One year from now, if you had an AMAZING year and were all-in on your goals, how do YOU want to feel when it comes to your health and fitness?


I’m talking about your health, energy, strength, confidence ... your quality of life.


Hold that feeling in your head and really connect with it!


Are you holding it in your mind right now? 


Can you picture how you look and feel?


Well, that’s not the question. :)


Now … imagine you started working toward that goal exactly ONE YEAR AGO. And also that you followed through on your commitment to yourself to make it happen.


Here’s the big question:


How would you feel right now? What would be different?


The answers are probably both empowering and sobering. I mean, IF ONLY, right?


There’s your fuel to make your goals happen … starting RIGHT NOW!


You can’t change the past, but you have the choice to create a different future.


Do you want your NEXT 12 months to look different than the last 12?


I know I certainly do.


And before the naysayer voice in your head starts telling you why you can’t ...


Know this: we ALL have a list of reasons why we “CAN’T” move forward toward our goals. Here are just a few I’ve heard over the years:


→ I don’t have time

→ I haven’t been able to stick with anything in the past

→ Nothing I’ve tried has actually worked for me

→ I can’t commit to a routine

→ I don’t have the energy

→ I’ll get exhausted and too sore

→ I’m worried about getting hurt

→ I’m not motivated enough right now


What if instead, you came up with JUST ONE REASON why you need to make it happen?


Something that has real meaning and power for you!


Just one!


Do you have one? If not, spend a little time reflecting on your reason.


Because you DESERVE IT.


I KNOW you can reach your goals. You just have to believe it yourself.


Life is too short and precious not to go for it. Do you agree!?


Committed to Your Success,


Jake Thompson



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