How fast can I get results?

A common question that I get from people wanting personal training in Gainesville, FL is...  How fast can I get results?

I think this is a good question but one that needs some further discovery.   What result are you specifically looking for?  What level of commitment are you right now to your goals?  Why do you want these results?

Once you have clearly answered those questions, it's time to move forward with some action.  Everyday we are always looking to accelerate results and get things done faster.  In many cases we expect results to happen 'overnight'.  While I wish I could snap my fingers and radically transform any broken down body into a fitness machine, that's just not going to happen.  

Your results will come as fast as you are able to align your mindset and skillsets with action.  Motivation simply does not cut it as it will fade away like the sunset.  Clarify where you are right now and decide TODAY is the foundation for where you desire to be tomorrow.

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