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How do you show up?

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I recently attended a conference in Atlanta, GA and it was a breakthrough.  I was challenged to face my fears and rid my disempowering beliefs.  The keynote speaker delivered an incredible message and everyone was on the edge of their seats.

Midway through the presentation a question was presented to us...  How do you show up every day?

I thought this was a powerful question as it is directly related to our personal health and fitness.  Do you show up by eating donuts and bagels in the morning?  Do you show up by skipping lunch only to have a mocha-schmoka frappachino for a mid day snack.  Or... Do you show up by finding something or someone to blame for your lack of success.  

I must be honest and tell you the truth and it might hurt a bit.  What you focus on is what you create.  So if you are not creating what you want, shift your focus.

I've worked with many people in Gainesville, FL who at one time fell into a health and fitness slump.  The good news is that you don't have to live there.

You can take back control now and live life on your terms but... you must be willing to go ALL IN.  No half-assing around or pretending.  

You must show up every day committed to your goals no matter what life throws at you.  

That's why I've developed the sure-fire way to get lasting results with your health and fitness.  There are some simple rules you must abide by.  When you break these rules your results will show.  

If you are open to it, I have a special gift for you.   This gift will rid your stagnant and complacent beliefs so you can sleep easy at night knowing that your body (and mind) is under your complete control.  

This gift is not for everybody.  This gift is only for people who are serious about making a positive change and are willing to get uncomfortable.  

Should you take me up on this gift be prepared to put in the work.  To get your free gift simply text "gift" to 352-872-5373 and include your name.  

So, how do you show up everyday?



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