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The Importance of Proper Posture

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The importance of posture


If you take a look around you, you will most likely see most Americans slumped over at their desks or hunched over their smartphones for endless hours. This can actually attribute to many of the health problems inflating in North America. Did you know that the way you hold yourself can actually affect digestion, breathing, and memory/learning. The importance of posture goes a long way.


Digestion: The proper body alignment is extremely important to make sure your organs can function as intended. Poor posture can compress the abdominal muscles involved in digestion which then affects peristaltic function (alternate muscle contraction and relaxation, which pushes ingested food through the digestive tract.


Breathing: The hunched back that you often see with improper posture leaves less room for your lungs to fill up when you breathe. This can cause shortness of breath and make physical activity difficult.


Memory & Learning: Did you know there is research showing that there may be a connection between memory and posture? Recent Research shows proper posture promotes memory retention due to the increase in oxygen you take in when you’re aligned properly. This helps improve cognition. After all, your brain uses 25% of all of the oxygen in your body.


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