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Do your feet hurt?

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Do you have pain in or around your heel? Does this pain radiate throughout your foot? Do your first few steps in the morning cause a sharp or stabbing pain?


You may have plantar fasciitis.


What is the plantar fascia?

Your foot has a thick fibrous ligament that runs from your heel all the way to your toes. This thick weblike ligament supports your arch and helps you walk. When the fascia is over stretched tiny tears can occur in the surface which can cause pain and inflammation and ultimately leading to plantar fasciitis.


What causes it?

A number of factors can contribute to plantar fasciitis but you’re at a higher risk if you are overweight or obese due to increased pressure on the ligaments. Some other factors that increase the risk of developing plantar fasciitis are as follows:


-Having an active job where you are on your feet often

-Are a long distance runner

-Are active and between the ages of 40-70

-Wear shoes with worn out soles

-Often wear high heeled shoes

-Have a tight achilles tendon

-Have an unusual foot position when walking or standing



Are you wondering how you can treat plantar fasciitis? Reducing inflammation is key! Although reducing the inflammation is an important part of treatment it still does not address the underlying damage to the ligament.


Most people can recover quickly with conservative treatment including staying off of the affected area and icing the area for 15-20 minutes 3-4 times daily to reduce swelling. This may also include self massage and prescribed exercises to help strengthen the lower legs and feet.You may even need to reduce or change your exercise activities and even try arch supports.


Depending on the severity your doctor may prescribe other treatments such as physical therapy, night splints or orthotics.


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