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Breaking down biohacking: How it can give you BETTER results FASTER!

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Breaking down biohacking: How it can give you BETTER results FASTER!

Biohacking. It's a term used frequently around the fitness industry, and I tend to also use it around AXIS.

But, what exactly IS biohacking, and how does it apply to you?

One great example of biohacking is adding MCT (medium chain triglyceride) powder to coffee, so that instead of a regular cup of coffee, you are now having a supercharged cup of joe! The MCT is believed to sustain the caffeine in the coffee longer, while also making your stomach less acidic in the mean time.

Ways we see biohacking in the gym is to add cardio conditioning WHILE weight training to super charge your workout. You know those MyZone belts and TV you see at AXIS? Yup, that is biohacking! It takes what would be a normal workout, and supercharges it to another level as you utilize your heart rate to maximize your workout.

I hope you know that my passion is to make sure you get the MOST out of your workouts with us. I tirelessly work each day to stay on top of our game, find the BEST solutions to your workout challenges, and utilize the most innovative products to biohack your fitness!

I greatly appreciate your time and dedication to your fitness and hope you know we take every minute you spend with us with the utmost respect! Keep up the tremendous work, and ask how we can assist you to make your workouts even better! 

In health,
Jake Thompson
Owner/Founder AXIS Training Studio
Biohacker Extraordinaire

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