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Using your thoughts to power up your machine!

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It Starts First Thing Each Day

How do you start each day? What is the first thing YOU think about when you open your eyes each morning? Sometimes when we are sore, work late, have deadlines or are stressed, it can be tough to start the day with a positive thought. But have you noticed that when you wake up in a cranky mood it follows you around for the rest of the day?

Thinking positive is not always easy, and can be very tough during times of high stress. But think about this: Let's say you have been training to walk a full mile, and have successfully done so many times. How likely are you to complete your next mile with someone walking alongside of you telling you that you can't complete it? Now flip it, how likely are you to complete that mile with someone walking next to you telling you how fantastic you are?

So many studies have been conducted about how beneficial positive thinking can be, and we KNOW how great it feels when we feel happy and positive. But sometimes, being happy and positive takes WORK! Those days of long hours, being home with sick kids, working through some hard news, they can weigh anyone down. Being positive in the face of adversity is HARD, but like anything else, can be practiced!

Think of how it would feel to overcome your tough day with a quick shift in mindset! Having a hard time with your fitness and feeling a lack of motivation? Have a tough time getting to that scheduled event because you are tired? Feeling overwhelmed with work and projects? Insert your favorite, "No problem phrase" here...(I always liked the phrase, "No worries") and keep reading for some tips:

1. Push the pause button and take a deep breath. Getting your lungs full of oxygen also oxygenates your body. Your heart rate slows down and you can relax for a moment. I like to think of this as an interruption of sorts. You stop that negative thinking and pause the train...your train of thought, that is!

2. Now that the pause button is pushed, consider some things to be thankful for. I like starting simple about the current situation. If you are tired and thinking of skipping an event, be thankful that people cared enough to invite you! If you are not wanting to exercise, be thankful for being able to exercise in the first place! Keep going from there. You may surprise yourself and talk yourself back into doing what you were thinking of not doing!

3. Now that you have what you are thankful for, think about what the best that could happen if you do X,Y, or Z. Best case scenario of attending an event: you have a fun time and enjoy yourself! Best case scenario of exercising: you get a great workout and feel tired but accomplished afterward!

4. Now for my favorite part: BE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER! I LOVE this because I get to make myself sound AWESOME in my head! Literally tell yourself in your mind, "You are awesome! YOU GOT THIS! You were MADE for this moment! This is YOUR time! You are FANTASTIC! YOU CAN DO IT!" Build yourself up BIG and get ready to start answering yourself, "you're right, I DO have this!".

All of this may sound silly. It may even sound too simple and it may not work every time. There are times you need to rest. There are times you need to set limits and say no. There are times where you may need to reach out and talk to someone if you can't shake those doldrums. But, let's say it works once. That is a win! And the more you try using this to work on being positive, the easier it becomes!

Have an AWESOME week and CRUSH those goals today!



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