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Merry Chris...wait, what?

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Merry Chris...wait, what?

Merry *early* Christmas!

I love the holidays! I love Christmas holidays especially! What better way to celebrate 6 months to the festive holiday than with a celebration!

But Christmas is more than just presents. It is a good time to think about nutrition!

Think about it: It is the holiday season, parties and celebrations galore, and so many ways to sabotage your healthy eating habits. 

​​​​So let's talk a little nutrition, how to work around temptation, how it ties into our Food 4 Kids food drive we are holding again this year!


1. Let's just wash that word "diet" right out of your vernacular! We don't want you to think of yourself on a lifelong diet. That just sounds awful, doesn't it? Maybe you know that friend that jumps from fad diet to fad diet, waiting for that next big thing. Or maybe you know that person that is ALWAYS on a diet. Here is the secret: you don't need another diet, you need a change in mindset.


Wrapping your head and kitchen around the healthy mindset of smart choices, portion control, tracking, and goal setting are all habits to set you up on a healthy track to a healthy life. Want some tips on how to beat cravings and ideas on what exactly "healthy" is? Contact us and set up a goals session!


2. Now that you are eating healthy, it's time for a plethora of birthdays...or how to get through those tough days of cakes!

I have many nurse friends that say every day is a struggle. They have told me every day is a birthday, or graduation, or retirement, or some sort of thank you token comprised of food.


I agree, being surrounded by all these unhealthy but tasty foods is HARD! Plus, if you only have a few minutes to eat, maybe haven't packed a lunch, and have maybe skipped a meal due to staffing, a slice of cake is hard to pass if you may not eat again for another eight hours.


To beat this: Meal prep religiously, carry healthy snacks with you, and eat consciously.


Make it a HABIT to pack healthy foods. Make it so it is almost robotic in making food, packaging it, and grabbing it for work. Prepare for the inevitable that you may skip a meal and have healthy snacks on you or nearby. Eat consciously by thinking about what you are about to eat.How will that food serve you? Think about what you are putting in your body and if this is going to help you achieve your goals.


3. Now that we are talking about the plethora of food choices, think about those that are not so lucky to have so many choices, and this is our reason for partnering with Food 4 Kids each year.


We talk so much about nutrition and making healthy foods, while we know that right in our community there are kids that go hungry each weekend and during summer break. 


When I was planning this Christmas in July promotion last year, I thought about all the wonderful things that make up the holidays, and toys for kids was my first thought! But that doesn't work when it isn't ACTUALLY the holiday season!


I thought about what kids DO need during the summer and was shocked to see that it was food. Thankfully, a local mom identified this issue and created the Food 4 Kids backpack program to help them out. We are super excited to partner with them again, and hopefully we can break our donation amount from last year of 285 pounds of food!!


I hope that this has helped you think about what you can do to get through those tough food days, and also thinking about what you can do for our food drive this year!


Have more questions? Call us and set up an appointment to talk about nutrition, goal setting, and whatever else you may need to be successful in your fitness journey!

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